WARCC Nostalgia

Western Australian Regional Computing Centre: 1972-1991

Located at the University of Western Australia, Nedlands, WA.

History of WARCC and Computing at UWA

Extracts from the 2001 MSc Thesis by Keith Falloon (keith[at]cs.uwa.edu.au) entitled "CyberHistory", which covers several topics including the role of women in computing (not reproduced here), and the early history of computing at UWA and at WARCC.
Extracts relating to UWA and WARCC reproduced by kind permission of the author (10-Jun-02).
History files can be seen at http://www.alex-reid.com/Personal/warcc/WARCC-History.html.

Status Magazines 1988-1990
See http://www.alex-reid.com/Personal/warcc/Status.html

Contacting Others - HELP!

We are attempting to build up as complete a list of contact details for people who spent 2 or more years at WARCC (not Winthrop Technology, to which WARCC changed in 1991).
If you can add to the list, please let us have their contact details (preferably their email addresses), and/or contact them yourself to invite them to get in touch with one of us (also by email, if possible).

This incomplete list of former employees of WARCC (with about 2+ years' service) can be seen at http://www.alex-reid.com/Personal/warcc/WARCC-addresses.html


There have been 2 Reunions so far, the first really being a "precursor" to the second. These were held at University House, as follows:
1) 4:30pm till 6:30pm, on Friday, 16-Mar-01;
2) 5:00pm till 7:00pm, on Friday, 24-May-02.

Some 37 ex-WARCCers (and a few partners) attended the first Reunion (16-Mar-01). See their photos at http://www.alex-reid.com/Personal/warcc/pictures.html as well as one of an Animal of the Year Award (do you remember them? Do you remember the winners? Do you remember their citations? - please pass on any remembrances to the Organisers - see below).

Photos from Reunion of 24-May-02 are available on request....

Mailing List

There is a closed mailing list at http://maillists.uwa.edu.au/mailman/listinfo/warcc (with 120 entries so far - everyone with a known email address - as in the list above - has already been subscribed).
This will be used to advise details of any Reunions or other matters of general interest (it will not become another source of junk mail, I trust!). Currently, it is moderated by Alex Reid, so only he can approve postings and subscriptions.

WARCC Memento

Terry Woodings was planning to create some form of memento, which refers to some of the major achievements of WARCC. Please contact him (see below) to contribute to it.

Reunion Organisers' Contact Details

Alex Reid
c/- Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering
The University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway
Western Australia
Phone: +61 8 9345 0440
Email: alex.reid[at]uwa.edu.au

OR: Terry Woodings:  terry[at]ee.uwa.edu.au
OR: Bruce Kirkbybkirkby[at]admin.uwa.edu.au