Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P Personal Computer


Made by Ohio Scientific Instruments Corporation of Ohio, USA (makers of various electronics equipment; long since disappeared).


CPU: 6502 processor

Memory: 4 Kbytes

External storage: Cassette tape (for inputting or storing programs and/or data)

Date: July 1979

Cost: $469


It was upgraded in 1980 by adding 4 Kbytes, at a cost of $71. Later (1983) it was upgraded again by adding 24 Kbytes of memory and one 5.25 floppy disk drive (32 Kbytes capacity/disk), housed separately. [in 1980 memory cost $18,000/Mbyte, today it costs $3/Mbyte a factor of 6000x in 21 years]


Programmed: in 6502 Assembler language.

Uses: only really suitable for games and programming.